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Emme Films

UI/UX Development, Responsiveness, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design

01. Background

Emme film is london based film production company which has grown itself in UAE. They deal in film production, corporate ads, and video production. Working across a wide variety of discipline ensuring that constantly trying for new ways of doing things. They give a new shape to ideas, concepts and messages. Their film production in Dubai is the perfect mixture of creative, talents and technical resources who create the best video experience. These videos connect to clients, stakeholders, employees and target audience, making them find a heart to heart connection in the videos and their company. Emme films love a challenge and are always excited to do something new that has never been done before. They are also skilled in 2D and 3D animation which needs to be showcased through their portfolio and on their website.

02. Problem

The problem in-front of the agency was to build a platform which is definitely attractive on the frontend and is able to showcase its best works on the home page as well as tell the audience and their clients about their amazing background work and their creativity. The clients are able to come and search for the right services and can choose the services to their desired location. The website has specific services and each service needs to be listed under respective category. Search keywords needs to be precise so that the users do not have any issue searching and contact us for desired services. Emme films needed to have an arrangement where the clients can directly contact them through whstapp to their whtsapp customer service number. The only thing essential is to showcase their portfolio as their videos and photographs speaks volumes about their creativity.

03. Solution

The entire team including the designer, developer and the digital marketer sat together to identify prospective solutions for the problem in hand. We came out with few solutions which can be implemented. We chose the Html frontend so that the design can be customized according to our wishes and can be changed whenever necessary while making appropriate arrangements. We chose a black background for the website frontend so that services can easily be seen, we gave options for multiple images for a single services so that portfolio can be accessed thoroughly. The entire website was managed through a single admin panel but we also provided an executive admin panel so that it can be easily accessed by someone who provide customer support. We also gave chat box and WhatsApp option so that customer support can be handled through it.

03. Result

The result came out to be amazingly good, the website’s fronted was black and the products can be easily seen. There were different categories and multiple categories can be easily accessed, have filters to reach the desired services needed. The team did an exceptionally good job with the website and the client was also very happy with the results. It was not just a one person but a team effort which makes a success story. The content was also accurately placed with keywords so as to make the website SEO friendly. The chat box and whtsapp was equipped to handle various customers at one point. The videos came out be amazingly good and the best ones can be seen through the banners. The portfolio was saying volumes about the creativity with which Team Emme films worked. Previous clients logos was also part of the website so that the clients are able to identify the capacity in which Emme films operate.