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Sangam University

Design, Development, Digital Marketing, UI/UX Responsive

01. Background

Sangam University is located in Rajasthan and is one of biggest universities in area running its operation since 2012 with a core objective of becoming one of the biggest universities of Rajasthan. The university offers around 100+ courses and consists around 10,000+ students and 500+ staff and faculties. With various options to chose from to study to amazing placement opportunities, a vast campus and other amenities Sangam University is in the race to be the best universities to stand alongside the top universities in India. The University is also venturing into E-learning resources and wish to go digital in order to be inline with the competitions and modern outlook.

02. Problem

The problem that was faced in front of the agency was that vastness of the university and how to bring everything together so that it is easily accessible and the desired place can be reached in few clicks. The backend needs to be sorted so that everything can be accessible within the website. The entire website can then be controlled from the main admin panel which can be handled by the main admin. The executive panel can be given limited access and the login should be only accessible by those who hold the ids and password I.e the students, teachers and staff. The website should be digital friendly and should have enough space for accommodating all digital files. The website should also be able to store database of all existing students and alumni and frontend should have a flash notice board for regular announcements.

03. Solution

After going through all the requirements and database we brought together our team of designers, developers and digital marketers and sat together to analyze the possibilities and came up with various strategies that can be implemented and get the desired results. We chose a PHP platform and HTML frontend for the website so that the website speed is maintained even after having so much of data online. Also, the digital resources are accessible easily and is nit affected by multiple logins at the same time. Website to be made SEO friendly with relative keywords to market the same on Google. Keeping everything at one place makes things easier to access and controlled by the admin. Making different pages with different links also helps in SEO and keeping an amount of content also does a number.

03. Result

The result can be seen easily with all the staff and students and faculties accessing the platform, all the attendance can be stored and one place and relevant reports can be downloaded by teachers. The website came out be very attractive and easily accessible and can be reached anywhere in few clicks. Everything is structured accordingly so that the desired person can easily look at the desired information without any hassle. The speed came out to be great and there was no waiting time while hopping from one page to another. We also had a plan in place in getting he website on top page within 3 months. Our team efforts and hardworking experts made everything possible for Sangam University and our marketing managers kept the essence of the University alive in choosing colors for the website. The Website can also be accessed in any device including mobile, Tabs or desktops. The results turned out be amazing and everything was in place, the agency was highly appreciated by the client.